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stephanotis_1(8b AZ)November 20, 2007

I bought some rooted Crossvine cuttings last year, and they have happily lived in a large glazed pot under a patio overhang, getting very little sun. This has definitely been reflected in the one lone bloom they put out so far. Anyway, I want to relocate the plants to a sunny spot against a West facing wall. They have attached themselves to the stucco column they are backed up against, and grown about 10' high. So, my questions are: Can I just pull the vines off the stucco, even though that will tear them apart somewhat due to the little discs they use to adhere? Should I prune them down, since Winter is coming anyway? Will relocating them after all this time be hard on them? Should I wait until later to do it, say in the Spring, or is now the best time? Is the planned exposure too hard on a Crossvine? (I am in the Phoenix, AZ area.)

Any help will be appreciated, and please feel free to answer one or all my questions if you know any answers.

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The most successful Crossvine where I live (one zone cooler than yours) is in a partially shaded garden, where it climbed down the picket fence, up the neighbor's oak tree, and was heading off toward Arizona.

I went back for seeds and it had been hacked back mercilessly, but obviously has for years. I think it takes awhile to get established, then is tough!

Google it to see if it will take full sun in AZ. I suspect it could stand a little protection, and I don't think you need to worry about ripping it off the wall.

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bahia(SF Bay Area)

I don't think Bignonia capreolata is going to like a west facing exposure in Phoenix, it would prefer dappled sun or an east exposure for sure. The foliage is going to burn up on a west facing wall/fence in the desert. I would suggest that an east facing or north facing fence would be best, and probably transplanting now, after pruning back the vine to perhaps 2 foot tall would be best.

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stephanotis_1(8b AZ)

Thank you for the input! The wall faces the house, so it actually would be shaded in the afternoon. I do have an east facing wall that could work as well, but I think it gets more direct sun throughout the day than the other.

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I have a crossvine growing on a chainlink fence. This is the 3rd year for it.The new growth that has come out this year is dieing back part of the way. It is loaded with blooms part of them are opening but a big portion of them are falling off before they open.
Can anyone tell me what might be wrong ? Thanks for your reply. berta_2006

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Hi there my question is about the cross vine's ( Bignonia Capreolata ) ability to withstand heat. Im looking to plant a Tangerine Beauty crossvine next to a young Shamel Ash tree, or adjacent to it, so it grows up the trunk of this young tree and protects its bare trunk from the sun, in adition to the white paint covering the trunk of course, which is standard practice out here to protect their trunks from being fried in the heat.
Anyhow, regarding the Tangerine beauty vine growing on the trunk, it should be a symbiotic relationship, hope it works, but my question is will the Tangerine Beauty withstand our HOT Phoenix summers? and What about competition with the young Shamel Ash tree, is that a concern? Thanks to anyone that might know, best regards to all!!! :)

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Pauly, I would suggest you contact your local agriculture agent through your county extension office.

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I have a crossvine, not sure if it's Tangerine Beauty or not. Mine has more yellow but they do like and need sun to bloom. Mine is in full day sun and loves it but my full sun and yours are two different animals. This is a fairly well behaved vine and I haven't had issues with it growing out of control like a campsis. Kay's suggestion might be your best bet or if you have a reliable nursery nearby they might also be able to help.

Here is a link that might be useful: U of AZ college of agriculture and life sciences cooperative extension

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For anyone interested in the Tangerine Beauty and wondering whether it can survive desert summers like those in Phoenix, please click on the URL in this post going to a related forum post with five pictures showing how well this plant grows in Arizona:
Link: http://forums.gardenweb.com/forums/load/azgard/msg1122491915993.html?3667


Here is a link that might be useful: Pictures of Tangerine Beauty in Arizona Desert

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