American wisteria spurs - ? for arctictropical... or anyone....

woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)November 25, 2013

.... with a flowering Wisteria frutescens or Wisteria macrostachya.

At one point earlier this year I enquired of arctictropical whether her/(his?) Blue Moon produced flowering spurs along the branches. I am convinced they must be there and am curious about what they look like. There is some difference between their appearance on Chinese vs Japanese wisterias so I'm curious about the American types. Now is a good time to look for them as the leaves have dropped.

So, artictropical, or anyone who has a flowering American type wisteria, I'd really appreciate it if you could look for spur growths and post a picture of any you find. I did a Google search today and, for the first time, found a picture of one! (see link) The spur in that picture is a much smaller, more delicate-looking thing than either the Chinese or Japanese ones. That might reflect the different growth habits of the American ones vs the Asian ones. So it'd be very interesting to see if the linked picture is the common appearance of spurs on American witeria.

Here is a link that might be useful: white American wisteria - spur

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Hi Woodyoak. I just now looked at my 'Blue Moon' wisteria vine and really couldn't find spurs like the white American wisteria picture that you have attached. All buds looked exactly the same. Granted some were a little larger than others, I couldn't tell a difference. Since the flower buds don't form on 'Blue Moon' until the new vines start growing, it's really tough to know if buds are really there at this point. All I know is I get a very full colorful display of hundreds ore racemes each year.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

The spur structures, I find, are not the only places the flower buds develop, but the presence of - and quantity of - the spurs are strongly related to the floriferousness of the vine. The spurs look quite different on the Chinese vs. the Japanese vines. Even if you see no spurs, I'd love it if you can post a picture of the vine in its winter 'naked' state just so I can see how different it looks compared to my Asian ones. I cannot find any pictures on-line that show a reasonable close view - so you'd be adding to the knowledge-base out there if you could post such a picture (or two....)!

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