Euro Night Crawlers

mr_yanNovember 7, 2011

Well after playing with my bins over the weekend I am now convinced I have Euros in my two. I came to this conclusion after reading Bently Christie's Red Worm Composting page (the buy worms page photos specifically). The worms I have have the thick light pink clitellum and the rather yellow tails and also are getting large.

Over a month ago I bought three tubs of bait worms from the big box outfitter. These worms have been going strong for that month too. While moving these over I did find cocoons.

This weekend I divided my bin in half and placed half in a newly constructed DIY worm inn. My existing bin was a 5 gallon bucket.

While I would like to move over to red worms I don't have the funds in my garden budget to make a 1 pound purchase. Couple that with the fact that it is getting cold fast here in northern Illinois.

My goal for this is almost entirely VC for my garden but getting rid of kitchen scraps is nice too.

Does anyone think that Euros would work well in two indoor bins and grow the population quickly?

If Euros won't work any suppliers suggested for a small purchase of red worms?


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I have Red Wigglers (Eisenia Foetida) and I'd be happy to send you some - I have a surplus and I'll be splitting my bins this weekend. You can contact me at

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That's is incredibly generous Worms4Tracey. Look for an email from a address.

Mr Yan

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