another food question :/

michael1846(6)November 12, 2013

do i have to feed worms organic food will the lettuce have pesticides and stuff on it that will harm my worms please help!

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Feed them exactly what you feel comfortable feeding your family....but, for heavens sakes, don't feed them any excess salt, or animal fats, or sugar.

You know, like what McDonald's laces their stuff with.


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thank you i froze the lettus then thawed and fed sound right?

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That would be fine, Michael, but since lettuce breaks down so quickly, you didn't need to freeze it first. I like freezing my food because of the amount of scraps I accumulate, and to keep fruit flies at bay, as I live in an apartment.

Freezing breaks down tough veggies like broccoli, cauliflower ends, potato peelings etc.

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