Worms hanging on the outside of Wom Factory trays

loftin60(DeRidder, La zn. 8)November 15, 2009

I have four levels of worm trays working. To speed up the process, I added a pound of worms a couple days ago. I went out after dark, a few minutes ago, to add some coffee grounds when I noticed worms hang outside along the sides of two trays of the Worm Factory.

Is this because they are not settled in, too wet, or could

it be something else?

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Settling in could be an issue. Did the worms come from a worm farm or did you breed them in a different bin? I guess the question I am asking is if they were pit run or raised as composters. I don't know why, but changing the diet and pH of the environment seems to make them want to go running even if other worms are presently fine with the conditions. If the worms aren't used to eating what you're feeding, they might go elsewhere. The best way to force the issue is to keep a light on them while they adjust to the inside of the bin (assuming it's a matter of adjusting). I've had that problem from worms I raise on manure and oats. When I make a new bin for someone, I keep it the first two weeks to make sure the worms get used to the environment change.

Humidity will encourage the worms if they are even thinking about an exodus. Though it might not be the initial problem, it will surely add to it by providing moisture for them while on their way. Dry edges or edges that have detergent on them (which I don't recommend) will deter worms unless they are just super determined to eat elsewhere.

Are your trays in different stages? They should be or the lower trays will start producing gases and souring from the early composting stages that can drive worms out. Either that or you could put something in between each tier to allow gas exchange. I think the instructions mention sticks or something, but you could also just stack the trays so that they aren't nested but alternating them so the corners of one sit on the edges of another. That will keep the worms from being able to travel between tiers, though.

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