Elizabeth Angus Bougainvillea

benboy620(10B)November 8, 2011

Weighing the above varietal of Bougainvillea vs. Barbara Karst and a few others. I'm looking to grow the vine up a lattice trellis to the top of an arbor - roughly 10 ft to top and need about 3 ft wide (will prune to shape of course). does anyone have experience with this particular varietal as far as speed and overall height of growth. One side of the arbor is full sun all dun, the other is partial shade/sun. Also, do the blooms not fall off the vine when they fade out like other varietals and you need to pull them off?

How much fertilizer should I use when I first plant? once a month after that?

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I'm wondering if you got this variety and are growing it now and, if so, your impressions of it. When I lived in south Texas, one of my neighbors had a neon magenta purple Bougainvillea that was head and shoulders more spectacular than any other. Unfortunately, I didn't inquire then as to its name (if it had one) but given its performance I thought it must be a cultivar. Now, I'm wanting to replicate the look and Elizabeth Agnus sounds like the closest possibility. I bought 3 rooted cuttings mid-summer and they are just coming into first bloom. I am happy to see that the color is correct. I'm wondering if it becomes covered solid with colored bracts as the one in Texas did.

Barbara Karst is ubiquitous here (central Florida.) While nice, I don't think it is THAT spectacular.

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