Can I use burpee's seed starting mix in my worm bin?

MichyTanNovember 12, 2012

Can I use burpee's Organic seed starting mix for my worm bin? I read the ingredients and it says it uses coconut husks and turkee manure and feathers. ... .html#null

on the label it says 6-3-3

derived from: aerobically composted turkey litter, and hydrolyzed feather meal, and sulfate of potash

95% coconut fiber, perlite, humates and fertilizer made from turkey litter

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there is nothing in it that would be harmful as far as i can tell.

it looks like it would compact if added in large quantities. for this reason it's definitely more of a food-stock than bedding material.

be sure to test a small amount and see how they react before adding an amount your worms can't escape from.

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Haven't we learned the difference between "bedding" and "food" yet? Bedding is high in carbon. Food is high in nitrogen. What MichyTan is describing is probably balanced. It can be considered both bedding and food. Or neither, depending on how thoroughly it has been composted.

Having said that, I, like Wormsome, wouldn't use it exclusively as bedding or food. Toss some in the bin and see how the worms respond to it.

You describe 95% of what is in it. I would want to know what the other 5% is. It may be something the worms don't care for.

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