Purple Trumpet Vine?

cakbu(9)November 22, 2012

Last sprint I planted two purple trumpet vines, to climb on a 4' chainlink fence. Are these vines evergreen or deciduous? I had thought they are evergreen, but the leaves are turning yellow as if they are getting ready drop off. If they are evergreen, what can I give them to green them up?


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Cheryl, mine lose their leaves and I cut them back. It sounds as if yours are going dormant. You don't HAVE to cut them back, but I do - otherwise, they'd own the fence they are growing on.

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Thanks for easing my mind. Actually, I WANT them to own the fence (for privacy).LOL

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bahia(SF Bay Area)

You don't say what genus/species of Purple Trumpet vine you have, nor what zone you're in. All of the various ones I know of, including the two Distictis species and the Clytostoma callistegioides are all evergreen in zone 9/10 locations. Have you had frost this winter?

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