SnailVine Finally Bloomed !!!!

floridabear(10b)November 7, 2007

I just looked out my window and I saw 2 lavender blooms to my shock! On two lone long stems! I was in total shock. I just looked at it closely yesterday and saw no buds anywhere. These things sneaked up on me!. I cant believe it! What are the chances of seeds?

I think I need to pull them apart and do the 'work' myself to insure seeds. Since I see so often that seed is so hard to get on the vine,let alone flowers!. this bloom, what part contains the pistol and what part contains the stamens? How long does it take for the pollen to ripen,so I dont ruin my chances? Hurry so I dont miss my shot! PLEASE!!!

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I have no idea where inside the bloom the reproductive parts are but I think that ants are one of the natural pollinators. I got seed pods on both my snail and corkscrew vines this year and both plants's blooms were covered with ants. No aphids or any other pest, just ants. Plenty of the snail vine pods already ripened but i'm still waiting on the corkscrew pods. Good luck. I hope you get some seed pods. Now that it's started I'll bet you have loads of flowers. They are pretty aren't they.

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The Snail Vine here (lavender, not twirly) is always covered with black aphids. I haven't seen ants, but I was looking for the almost invisible seedpods, not bugs.

I've noticed that the parts of the plant getting the most direct sun (facing west, against a concrete wall) go to seed first and most profusely. I don't know what the pollinator is, but it certainly needs sun! The parts is partial sun (facing north) hardly bloom.

Nice going!

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Well I found all the reproductive parts are in the thin 'tail' that is in the middle of the bloom. I tore a bloom apart and found the stamens and pistol.But so far I havent gotten any more blooms. So I dont know if I want to risk ruining this last bloom, it might be self fertile, or maybe an ant did its job,and I will get seeds. Ever since I HAD to spray it with Isotox to get rid of all the aphids,and the vine lived and took off after that! I have not seen an ant,but no aphids either.

And now I have double blue Clitoria vine seeds. I am going to pot up a small basket of them and see if I can grow them all winter here in south Fla. If it doesn't do much but at least grows, I can always plant it in the ground in the spring! This double bloom is VERY interesting. The double white I have that I have all those pods I am waiting to ripen,at not as interesting,they are so small. But maybe the blue color will be more interesting.

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