Planting Double Blue Clitoria Seeds,Now??

floridabear(10b)November 3, 2007

Well,since I know I have double white seeds ripening on the vine,although I miss the flowers. I have just ordered a lot of double blue clitoria seeds,since I have no single seeds on the vines that I can see. Being in south Fla. Can I plant them NOW in a hanging basket as mentioned in the ad for the seeds,it would grow pretty long and take over a lot of my porch I guess,but would it bloom?

We will get exactly 3 cold nights,low 40's /high 30's, in January. Happens every year like clockwork,all my baby mangos fall off after just setting from the bloom cycle, then it sets another round of blooms a month later. And I cross my fingers that it doesnt get 'cold' again and kill THAT crop.

I have to bring in all my tender plants for 3 night in a row, or 3 nights spread out over a month. So. will these bloom if they get hit by 3 nights of 'cold'. Or am I wasting seed and should hold off till spring? and watch the vines like a hawk this time to see the blooms!?

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Well according to this link it can take down to 30F if it is in a pot I would say it should be fine, especially if you can bring it in if you really need too. OH how I envy your weather!!!¢¾

Here is a link that might be useful: clitoria

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