Late '08 comeback of wisteria given up for dead.

markinspringboroohNovember 6, 2008

I planted a 2 gallon white wisteria in the spring of '05 directly under a steel arbor I had made locally by a craftsman/horticulturalist who runs a mom & pop garden center.

The fellow that sold me the plant told me to not be surprised if I didn't see blooms for 3-4 years, but lo and behold, we got at least a half-dozen buds to set on the thing in the early spring of '07.

Problem was...there was absolutely NOTHING I could do about the 18F freeze that popped up, RIGHT BEFORE the thing was set to bloom!

Not only did it knock off the flower buds; but it killed the entire vine!!...(or so, I thought at the time!)

I just pretty much ignored the thing for a while, except for pruning a little wisteria wood so that I could plant some homegrown morning glories around it, and let the annual vines climb up the dead wood and use it as sort of a ladder.

I figured that this would be an O.K.temporary use for my arbor until I could plan something different.

What happened early this summer?

One day when I was out there...I noticed that among the morning glory roots, the wisteria was trying to make a comeback!

It took over a solid YEAR,....I said-- ONE FULL YEAR... for the plant to decide it wanted to make a go at it again!

I know I normally shouldn't be dousing wisterias with N ferts, but when I discovered the thing was still alive...I gave it a veg-based organic protein package to give it a slow-feed thru the rest of the summer, nitrogen and all.

I examined the former crown of the wisteria, from where it used to connect to live wood, and where it now is attempting to root in again. I had to work hard to clean out a fair amount of "decay" in there, to let water drain away more freely, so that the wound will heal sort of like a tree's collar after a limb's been severed.

(Wisteria wood/roots are VERY, VERY HARD!!!)

But the thing didn't really grow much over 1 1/2' tall over the remainder of this growing season.

Given that we're approx 40 miles north of the Ohio River from Cincinnati (in zone 6a), what do you think the odds of it surviving this winter?

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(bump....from last Thursday's post)

Given that we're approx 40 miles north of the Ohio River from Cincinnati (in zone 6a), what do you think are the odds of this 'comeback kid' wisteria surviving a midwest winter?

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