Garden composter by envirocycle

sk290November 3, 2009

I'm looking for some information on the garden composter by Envirocycle. Does anyone here have one? What are the pro/cons? How would you harvest the compost out of it?



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Don't have one personally but seems kind of expensive for what it does. It appears to be best suited for batch composting, you put in a batch of material, let it compost and then harvest it out. You can put material in as you go but you'd have items at different stages of decomposition whenever you want to harvest compost. Depends on your plans for the finished compost I guess.

My experience with cold compost vs worm composting is that worms do a far better job for my needs, especially because of the climate where I am. In a small compost bin outside, almost no decomposition happens in the winter. An indoor worm bin works all year round.

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Oh, I thought it was for worm composting. Saw one for $50 on Craigslist and was considering it. Not anymore! Thanks!


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I've read where people use this kind of composter and the static bin cold composters and then add worms to help the process. There's some debate as to how beneficial this is.

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You can use the garden composter on your yard waste. Then when it has gone through the heat cycle and is broken down to 20% of its original volume then feed it to the worms.
Outdoor compost is great worm food.

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