Some new vines, do you grow them?

bahia(SF Bay Area)December 3, 2007

I am considering trying to grow several new to me vines that i am not sure will do all that well in coastal northern California zone 10a conditions. The first plant is in the Apocynacea family, Thenardia floribunda, which has both beautiful and fragrant flowers as well as nice foliage, and looks like it should have become very popular if it was originally available over 50 years ago in southern California. Anyone growing this in southern or northern California to be able to say if it is easy/difficult/abit frost tender to light frosts? As beautiful as it is in photos, there must be some reason it never became readily available prior to being reintroduced just lately?

I also wonder if anyone is successful with Cobretum fruticosum in northern California? This another scandent shrub/vining thing that one occasionally sees in Los Angeles, but I have never seen here in the SF Bay Area. Can anyone tell me if it is worth experimenting with in cooler mediterranean climates?

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Is Congea Tomentosa (shower orchids) a sprawling vine?

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