How often do you feed your worms?

beeseeNovember 29, 2009

A lot of you say you feed food scraps when the old scraps were eaten. Since I feed horse manure, I don't know the difference between eaten-up and not eaten-up manure.

So, I decided to feed once a week.

How often do you feed them? Do you know have a set schedule? Do you feed everyday? Perhaps twice a week?

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jonas302(central mn 4)

I feed food scraps whenever I have them in a whatever amout I have after all they work for me(:

Now on manure I'm not sure what to say once a week sounds good as long as your worms look good

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it's kind of hard as the old food seems to oxidize and looks a lot like bedding after a week. I have been going by smell~ if I can still smell fruit or vegetable peelings or coffee grounds, I will wait another day or two to feed the worms.
I still don't feed all that much, though, as I only have about sixty worms! (An definate increase on the forty I started with, and man, those little guys eat! up to about a 1/2 cup a week~ a lot for these critters. However, with all the worm cocoons placed in the bin by my 'herd' this past month, I figure this will definately have to be increased by after Christmas.


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plumiebear(z9? CA)

I feed pre-rotted food scraps 2-3 times a week. I estimate I have ~2 lbs. of worms, so theoretically I could feed them 4-6 lbs. each time. But with cooler temps I'm playing it safe and only giving them 2-3 lbs. each feeding.

beesee, are you giving them fresh manure? I've heard that can heat things up. That may be a good thing in cold weather, but it might be good to check the temps. Once a week sounds like a safe schedule. How much are you giving them & how many pounds of worms do you have?


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When you say manure are you adding fresh or composted manure- adding too much fresh at once can cause heating of your bin. Other than that manure is a fairly safe feed and you're unlikely to over feed. A fairly safe way of feeding is to only add a couple of inches at once, feed the bin in strips so if things get bad the worms can retreat, and give the next feed when the worms Have moved into the previous feed (as opposed to just feeding off the bottom of it.)

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I feed kitchen scraps and feed once a day. There are 4 corners and 4 sides to my bin, so I rotate around. As they seem to be eating more I up the number of ounces I feed each day.

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I'll say first off that you are so lucky to have some horse manure. Ok i'm really jealous now! I feed 2 to 3 times a week. I have three bins and feed a lot of coffee grounds. How long have you had your worms? I would really like to see them. Ill bet they are breeding like flies down in all that horse poo. Have fun with your worms Steve

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plumiebear, the horse manure I got is not totally fresh, but it doesn't look completely aged either. I haven't had a problem of heat. I originally had two pounds but I see worms all over now in 55 gallon drum bin.

stevesd, Horse manure seems to make a difference. They appear to be very vigorous. And as you said, they are breeding rapidly. It is really amazing!!

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Gina, you say you have 60 worms... How do you know? lol. I look into my bin and I see food, bedding, and a few worms, but I know there are several hundred I don't see...

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