Moonflower vine germination requirements

pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)December 29, 2010

I am going to wintersow Moonflower vine..besides nicking the end of the seed, I need to soak overnight before planting. Now do the seeds need darkness, Do Not Cover, or coverly lightly? Once it germinates, does it start to grow quickly. I plan to plant it in a large patio container and let it climb a metal obesik or trellis. How soon after it starts to germinate, do I plant it out in that container?

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I answered you on the 'other' site - these plants don't transplant well. It would be best to wait until danger of frost is over and plant directly where you want them to grow. Cover the planted seeds with chicken wire or other medium that critters can't dig through - they will dig seeds up and eat the tender new growth.

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I've been WS sowing them for 7 years and never had a problem with transplanting them or any other seedling to their permanent home.

WS seedlings are pretty hardy and strong so don't worry about transplanting them.

I've never nicked the seeds for them or morning glory seeds for that matter either.

I soak them overnight and they will really swell and enlarge and then sow them in containers and out they go.

Do cover them with some soil though.

They germinate in warm temps and warm soil and can be a bit slower to germinate than most morning glory seeds.

I'm in zone 5, so I don't sow them till towards the end of April, as they won't germinate for me until mid May.

Once they have 2 sets of "true leaves", they are moved to the permanent home for the summer.

I've found that the seedlings are a bit slow to start growing while in the containers, but once they are transplanted to either the ground or a pot, they will take off like a weed and grow, sometimes 2-4 inches a day.

I've had them in the ground, and in 10 inch pots and either way, once given room for their roots to really grow, they take off.

I would wait till their are sets of "true leaves" before transplanting them to the container you want to use.


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I only nick the seeds if they haven't swelled after an overnight soaking. I start then early in pots/trays and transplant when it's warm enough. I've never had a problem with transplanting any of the MG's, including moonflowers.

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It's probably my technique - I start them in styrofoam cups, dig a hole and plop them in - I don't handle them gently enough. Now, I just plant them where I want them and off they go!

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