Effect on Worms of Ultrasonic Rodent Control

tjventreNovember 17, 2013

Greetings all,

First-time poster here. My wife and I recently installed a plug-in ultrasonic-wave emitter to try to get the mice out of our kitchen. While we are aware of the substantial body of research that shows how ineffective and fraudulent these things are, our bigger concern at the moment is how it might affect our beloved worms.

Has anyone used one of these ultrasonic things and noticed any negative impacts on their worms? Please let me know. We really appreciate the help.


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Google "Is the Moon Full Tonight" Answer "Full Moon is 2013 Nov 17 16:15 Sun"

But a fair question. Nobody has ever to my knowledge linked plug-in ultrasonic-wave emitter things to bad things happening in their worm bin. No doubt the worry is the worms will attempt to leave in a large group while the family is sleeping. I think you can sleep safe. Plus it would be more likely for worms to travel during the new moon or dark time. So I have no idea about worms traveling while your family sleeps in 14 days. Evil laugh.

If you had asked how to get the mice out of the kitchen I would have suggested many sticky traps at the wall edges. First block Google from "mice sticky traps inhumane" images from your computer.

An all out war on preventing mice from getting in is a first round. The reason to use sticky traps is depending upon where one lives the mice can carry things that can get a family sick. Inhumanely dead mouse X 10 (because if there is one there are 10) vs sick child from mouse exposure = easy choice.

Plus if all else fails... mice will search out and eat worms out of worm bins. I think a mouse in my house did.

When I was working with my bin it jumped on my knee from the bin and ran off. I screamed like a girl and then laughed.

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FWIW...There are murderers and felons out there who lure worms out of the ground for....ewww... fishbait and to....gulp....FEED newts and other animal cannibals. They use various methods of producing vibrations in the ground to mimic the vibrations made by moles and voles digging thru the soil to come eat them. Hence, they evacuate.

Among those techniques: poking a stake in the ground and rubbing it with some other murder weapon to create those vibes.

Also, some birds peck the ground and make noises like raindrops hitting the surface. Likewise, the worms go nuts thinking they are gonna drown and surface into the waiting craws of cannibal birds.

In short, vibrations are a big reason worms will leave wherever they happen to be.


I had as hard a time posting this as you probably did reading it. Sorry.

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As far as the negative impact on worms concern I am not sure about it .
But I believe that this is not a reliable rodent control method.
In addition we can not give it clean cheat for side-effects on our brain and body.

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