Vigna Caracalla overwintering questions

TruNorth7(8b (SF Bay Area))December 31, 2012

2012 was my lucky year with the Corkscrew vine! After failing miserably in 2011, this year my seed-started vines produced hundreds of fragrant blooms and half a dozen seed pods. Yay!

Though the vines are hardy in my area, I decided to bring my two "best" ones inside for the winter, just in case. One was in the pot, the other I had to dig up (I strongly recommend against doing this, by the way. Those tubers are thick! I ended up having to dig a hole 2' in diameter and 2.5' deep and still had to cut them off because they had grown under a raised garden bed).
All the leaves dropped prior to the relocation project and i trimmed them up a bit, leaving about 8 feet.

What should I expect when it leafs out again? Will leaves form at last year's nodules? Would I be better off cutting it down further? Are the tuber remnants I failed to unearth likely to sprout next spring? How successful will resulting plants be if I split some of the tubers?

Thanks! Happy New Year!

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I have a seedling that I hope will come back this spring which I am overwintering indoors. I do not have any growing experience with it for overwintering, so I look forward to the discussions. If ever you would want to trade a few seeds from your Vigna caracalla seed collection, I'd be game.


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