Bauhinia sirindhorniae

popper1(10a)December 27, 2007

Anyone grow this vine? I got one over the holidays and have not found much info on it. From what I have seen is it is a relatively rare vine from Thailand. Very nice foliage. I am wondering how aggressive it is & the flowering season. Plus anything else anyone can tell me.




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Would like to hear about how Bauhinia sirindhorniae is growing this year. Is it making seed? We have a collection but not this species. Would like to get some started in South Texas where we live.

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You can get more info from this site - and follow the link:

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The plant is growing very well. New leaves are orange in color much like my B. bidentata. I have a privacy fence around the yard with many different vines growing on it in different areas. This one is a very nice looking with the colorful leaves.

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