Can I put red wrigglers on my raised beds now?

lovestogardenNovember 1, 2011

I have a major drainage problem in a new garden. We removed an old pool and filled it with soil, and unfortunately, compacted it in the process. We incorporated lots of compost and composted manure in the spring and made several raised beds. I added worms from our compost pile, but this is a large area to repopulate.

To fix the drainage problem, we have dug down about 3 feet in several places, and it's much better now, perhaps adequate.

Do you think adding worms could help improve our drainage? If so, do I need to wait until the fall? All suggestions welcome!

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Being a little bit facetious, I think that you need some of those fictional Grabboid worms from the movies Tremors!

Here in North Alabama, the Red Clay soil is more like red concrete. I'm wondering the same thing as you are, and am investigating buying a small lot of VermiPods to "plant". But at $.25 each in small quantities, I'm thinking twice about that idea!


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Didn't they kill off all the local residents?!! Maybe something a little tamer!

I added worms from the compost pile to new plantings in this garden, and some seem to have survived. However, those with a lot more experience than I are suggesting they'd just die. I don't know much about worms, except that I like them in the garden!

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