Update: White Elephant Swap Wrap-Up

poisondartfrogSeptember 7, 2007

Time to begin anew.

I hope Vela is okay-I have not seen her posting anywhere lately.

Marie, the pumpkin tree seeds are ready. If you still want some email me. I tried to email you but my message was rejected.


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klickitat(zone 7b GA)

I still haven't heard if rockyridge received her package. In searching for the DC# I was unable to find the receipt with the number. I use those new machines that you can print out your own postage and use the drop box 24/7. They're very convenient for people who work odd hours. The DC# prints out on the receipt. Anyway, the other 2 packages that went out on the same receipt have all been received. They were swaps here on other RR trades. Hopefully, all is well with you, rocky.

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Marie, I sent you an email. Let me know if you do not receive it.
No Vela, no Rocky.....hope you guys are just busy.

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tracyvine(6 NE Ohio)

Hi, I just wanted to pop in and say hello. Vela, if you're around, I wanted to let you know that the glad's you sent me bloomed! They were a stunning red! Absolutely beautiful. Thank you!

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Don't wrap up too fast on me please! I still have HNB's ever-growing box... things just went all... upside-down? here... another dog, Abaddon, has crossed the Rainbow Bridge this past Labor Day... a really bad scene. My folks are both unwell (unrelated except that they are both 'down' at the same time), I have to carry my grandmother to the Dr. tomorrow, and there's been two deaths in the family (by marriage, not blood) today... one at 3 PM and the other, we just-just found out, only like 20 minutes later (also unrelated - well I mean they are blood related to one another, or were, while only related to us by marriage, but unrelated in respect to their passing - they weren't even in the same state)... things have just been like... weird...

But hubby seems to have gotten a job it looks like... fingers crossed anyway, he had his first two days of work, but we don't know if this will be a position that "lasts" or not, but beggars sure won't be choosers!

And I received my box from Veeja/Carol today... well, actually I think it was probably delivered on Saturday? But I haven't been anywhere, unless being in a total funk counts, and hubby went by the PO today and collected it for me. Since I hsve to hit the floor running in the morning, I want to wait to post about the goodies from Carol when I'm not feeling rushed and pressed to get a shower, sleep, etc. But I do want to say this: I thought I might cry. I was very touched by the contents - there was no small amount of "sweet coincidence" with several things. And Carol, aside from a broad "Thank you!" I want to also say right now, before I get into the details 'later', that there is an addition specific thank you... there was noooo way you could have known how things would be associated and such, but I wanted you to know that because of the awesome associations, symbolism, etc. that all just "came together" - you can now take credit for sending the energies that "settled" what the Royal Python's (new/re-) name will be/is... her name is now ssSerenity (yes, the triple ssS at the beginning is intentional.. we'll call her Serenity, and whatever natural variations emerge from that... the kids toyed with adding Salma and Serendipity to 'explain' the two extra S's... from Salma Hayek's role as the muse Serendipity in the film Dogma)... At long last, the snake is renamed with something much more flattering and appropriate than "dank")...

And an extra pupples' thank you from the dogs for the Gnarlies toy, notably from Notorious (Tori), Jumbo-Laya, and Jeremiah (Jeremy) - the popped the ball-end off in nothing flat and then proceeded to imitate a full battalion with the three of them "knotted up on it" in the living room... I'm not sure if they could have fit another dog in on the play or not... Jumbo-Laya "won" more often than not (having final claim on the toy), which would in turn get Jeremy barking/insisting that he share it, and Tori bouncing, pouncing, and dancing like a circus-poodle as they demanded he bring the toy "back into play on the field"... last I saw, when they began settling down, Jumbo-Laya was hoarding the gnarlie all to himself. While I can tell you how much the dogs enjoyed it, what I don't think I can ever express to anyone who hasn't seen 'the pack' at play firsthand, is how much enjoyment (and no small amount of amusement, because when they get to playing, they sometimes do the dumbest things) we (people in the family) get out of watching them and playing with them. For this toy, we only had to "get them started" and from that point on they were self-propelled in play - we just had to stay out of their way lest they plow us down in their intent on the toy, rather than watching where they were going. It's all good... it certainly had all of us laughing for the first time in awhile after all of the less than pleasant stuff that has been happening around here.

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wynative(z5 WY)

PDF ~ sent you 2 separate emails. hoping one will work.


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klickitat(zone 7b GA)

I think I'm done with swaps completely at this point. This one was the final straw.

Sorry to be a downer, folks.

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The last time I spoke with Roxanne (rocky) she had hurt her back, and was having to see a DR. I hope that she's OK, and hopefully she's just taking it easy. It's not like her at all to not respond or post.

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Okay, Finally! Alana your box is going out today. I am so sorry for the delay! No excuses, just been busy! Here is the DC # 420 40906 9101 0385 5574 9138 2546 93. I hope it reaches you quickly!

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rockyridge(z7b-8a NC)

O . M . G !!!!!!

I am sooooo sorry klickitat! I was sure I posted when I got your box.....so sure in fact I found myself hunting back through the old posts looking for it. But of course you are right. I forgot to say THANK YOU!!! I'm sorry I've been MIA. Things here have been crazy...for about the last 3 weeks!

Your wonderful box arrived the day before my DH and I went out of state to visit the grandbaby over the Labor Day weekend. I potted up everything before we left and I thought I had posted my thank you's.

My back started hurting while we were up in Virginia. After we got home my back went out totally and it's been a struggle just keeping everything watered and alive. Couldn't even straighten up for 2 days. Thank God for Chiropractors. I have hardly had the time or energy to even answer personal e-mails, and have not been spending hardly any time on the computer. My back is feeling better; not 100% yet. I got a box of plants yesterday and put them all in pots; not quite ready for the bending and stooping it takes to plant in the garden.

Sooooo......Once again: . T.H.A.N.K...Y.O.U.!.!.!.

The box was AWSOME: Here's what klickitat sent me!

Batter UP
Cloud Berry

Jan's Twister

Albo Marginata
Shutto ?

Bill McKnight
Lucky Number

Blackberry Lily

Crimson Pixie Lily

Chinese Lantern

Jar of Italian Lemon Honey; which is almost gone already! YUM!

Old Williamsburg Mulberry candle jar


The Garden Color Book - really cool! A how to book on designing your garden with color. 600 different plant pictures with details of what they combine well with. I've been lost in this book for a while now. Boy! does my garden need this book!!!

The Gardener's Handbook - This book covers EVERYTHING! From basic plant care to laying out your whole property.

Picnic recipe book - Delicious recipes for outdoor entertaining. Already tried a couple of these. I really like the Honey-Ginger Lemonade. Used my Lemon Honey for it.

An adorable wall plaque. It is ceramic with birds perching on top and a........I can't describe it so I'm going to go take a picture.

I hope the picture does it justice! And I hope I didn't forget to list anything.

Truly an Awesome box!

Please Klickitat.....don't let this be the trade thats the final straw.

I apologize; please forgive my oversite.

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Your box is on the way! FINALLY got your addy...yippe.
It was mailed out today....the conf # is: 03070020000074055061
You should get it by the end of the week, it's traveling a distance. (smile). But it's on it's way....SEE!!!

Please post when you have received it and let me know if all arrived in good shape..... and sorry for the delay....hope you like everything!


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Hi Jaye,
lol, I'll be on the look out for your box!! I will post when I receive it. I can't wait!!!


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Thanks Becki! I will be looking for it.

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klickitat(zone 7b GA)

Rox... I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to post that in this thread... it was meant for somewhere else. Looking back at my post now I realize how harsh it came out. Certainly not what I wanted to convey.

Ladies, please accept my apologies for posting my problems here. I am done with RR swaps for now, but not because of this exchange. It was a ton of fun!

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Becki, I got my wonderful box of treats today. Thank you so much! It included everything on the list plus a couple of neat little Tupperware containers and an assortment of seeds. I was delighted to see the Luffa Gourd seeds. I have not grown them in years and I look forward to rediscovering them.
My favorite item was the hand knitted scarf. It is really beautiful! The colors are perfect for fall. I will also really enjoy the little handmade seed envelopes. I was running out of things to put seeds in for the various swaps and these will be great. Your timing was perfect. The bracelets are also very pretty.
Thanks again! Alana

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I must tell you, I have to read this thread everyday, Just so I get a good laugh, your little truck flying down the road to get to Karen is the funniest thing I have seen in a LONG time..
Everyone's boxes are way nice, sorry I missed out on this one:(.. :)Anita

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Can you confirm if you received your book? When I checked the USPS website the message indicated that delivery status of that item was not available. It was not sent priority, but I would think it should be there by now.
Thanks, Alana

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Thank you for letting me know that it reached you, Alana! I'm glad you liked the items. I'm sorry I didn't have more plants to send!

I really enjoyed this swap! Thanks for hosting it, Vela!

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Melinda Hagen

Yes, Alana, I did receive the book a few days ago!! And love it! Been reading on it. Just got behind and haven't been on in a while! Again thanks for the wonderful boxes! Loved everything I rec'd and all are doing well!
Thanks again for a great swap! Melinda

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Thank goodness! I was batting 0 for 3 with the Post Office this week and if that had not made it to you, I think I would have given up altogether.
Yes Vela, wherever you are-thanks for a fun swap!

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Hermit, I received your thankyou card with special datura seeds, very nice, glad you liked your box, I love my new seeds. thankyou. this swap was a great one I may have to steal the idea for the bf group, is this ok vela?best swap in a long time. thankyou for a real fun one. gotta put away my rabbit hunting suit. hugs to all carol

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Yeaahhhhh!!! The mailman brought me my package!!!!
Thank you sooo much Jaye!! Everything looks like it made the long trip just fine.

I received:
1 Banana pup
1 Crinium
Large package of Mirabilis seeds
2 Cannas 'Intigue' & 'Florence Vaughn'
2 Brugs 'Charles Grimaldi' & 'Frosty Pink'
2 Daylilys 'Eenie Allegro' & 'Janice Brown'
2 Hostas 'Sum & Substance' & 'Blue Cadet'
1 Elephant Ear
8 Iris rhizomes (mystery color)
2 Sedums 'Autumn Joy' & 'Blue Spruce'
and my surprises:
1 Calla Lily 'Black Star'
1 Yucca
Seeds: Red Star Hibiscus, White Hibiscus, & Rose Campion
A wonderful smelling home made candle
2 spring scented votive candles
Citris scented Body Salt Scrub, yumm!
Garden Renovation DVD
Beautiful picture frame
Adorable wooden garden plaque
Hair clips (needed these!)
2 pretty gift boxes
and a Better Homes & Garden magazine

Jaye, this was so worth the wait!! I really enjoyed this swap, Vela. Would Gladly do it again!!

I can't wait to get planting this evening!! I'm so happy with everything! Thank you Jaye!!

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wynative(z5 WY)


The pumpkin seeds arrived & thanks for the extra's!


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Marie, I'm glad they made it. I got the hollyhock seeds as well. I can't wait to get some pastel ones growing.

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I'm glad the little truck made it there....LOL!!
and that everything made it and in good shape....I'm happy you like everything including the surprises!

Vela, I enjoyed this swap......it was A LOT of FUUUNNN!!! Thanks for hosting....

Happy Planting Karen.....


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I think I"m the only one that hasn't received a box yet, is that right?

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Poor Bunny! Whoever Bunny's partner is, please let her know when you plan to ship so we can wrap this swap up for Vela. When she is able to rejoin us on the forums it would be nice if everything was all squared away.

Anyone else still waiting for their box?

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klickitat(zone 7b GA)

Isn't Hermit on the Hill the one who's sending to Bunny? Have we seen her around lately??

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No, not for a long time. She's also in the Sounds of Summer swap, and hasn't posted there, either. And she hasn't mailed out her box for EITHER swap, as far as I know.

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I'm pretty sure Da Bun is good to go now? Or at least halfway.... HazelNutBunny, _could_ I have managed to stuff any more in that one box? I don't think I could. But you'll still be getting a second box too.

I really, really, really tried to get everything intended for you into that one box (and I tried both of the FR boxes of the different shapes/dimensions) to no avail.

I'm glad you caught the mailman. I think things would have been okay, but had it rained - well, I'm not sure all of the teas would have survived. I think in the end it was thirty or more teas... and there's at least one more to come in your next box too. I wonder if I should send you a kitten in the next box? The rescue, Mimzy, had a litter of 4 starting around 2 AM on the 20th.

I still need to post about what I received but there never seems enough time for ANYTHING these last several weeks.

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I received a very nice box from Hermit yesterday...And she wasn't kidding, the box was STUFFED!! :O)

Thank you, Hermit!!!!!!

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That's great Bunny!
I am glad to see you post Hermit! It seems we (GW at large) have had a lot of folks with injuries, illnesses and life events lately that cause us to miss our friends.

Does that do it for this swap? Can we close it out?

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