growing morning glories inside

liz62(6)December 5, 2011

I got the bright idea to try to grow 2 Morning Seeds inside, well, they are doing good, can anyone tell me if they will bloom inside? I was going to put them in the front window but not enough room, I tried putting a basket and putting them in it, again not enough room. So i have it on my bookcase with the lamp above it so it will reach for the light. How many days does it take from seed to bloom?

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bogturtle(SE NJ 7a)

you will require very bright light. They may grow to a greater length than they would in the sun.
Gradually increase the light from 12 hrs. daily to about 16 and they should bloom in the time recommended on the packet. Scoring the seed speeds germination. White fly or spider mites, often controlled by rain and predatory insects, may make growth difficult.
One magnificent sort may be still offered by Logees Greenhouses, in Conn. Among their list, choose Opomea.
Worth looking at, even though you don't order it.

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Here is the latest picture of my Morning Glory plant, I leave the light on most of the day, I have not counted the hours that I have had it on. They do require a lot of water, I had to water them real good the other day, they were really dry. Here is the picture if anybody has any advice (besides growing them outside), let me know, I have some Miracle Gro in a jug mixed with water, should I put some on the MG? I seem to remember it helped with the

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You are going to need a lot more light, especially if you want it to bloom. It's already looking leggy.

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Should I put the clamp on light on it? It hooks onto the desk and I can put it in almost any position I want, should I have it shining right on the plant?

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Do not use any 'fertilizer's' as it will likely kill the plant at this point...the plant does not need 'fertilzer' , but adequate light and moisture both ambient and as available to the roots...

Morning Glories are light loving plants and will often fail to thrive if the light is not strong enough...the more direct sunlight or artificial light you can provide >the better...strong indirect light is also helpful but direct light is better..make sure the plants not dry out.

The hot air from the house heat can dry out MG's alot faster than the plant can maintain hydration...forced hot air heating systems are the worst for MG's...the colder it gets outside , the more the house heater will be heating and the more hot dry air is being created inside your house, the quicker the plant will dry out as the dry air literally 'sucks' the moisture out of the plant surfaces and root medium into the heated dry air...

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here is a pic of my setup, do think this

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what does this mean? It can't be making flower pods already can it?

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You aint gonna believe what I found when I got up this morning, it is snowing and I have this beside me on the bookcase with a fluorescent bulb on the

Uploaded with ImageShack.usm and the Amaryllis.

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Ain't that purty, Liz? Congrats on your bloom. I'm gonna start a couple of JMGs indoors. I have a flourescent light set up that will be supplemented by natural light from an East facing window. The room itself is very bright, getting light also from South facing window.

Ron, do you think that will be sufficient light for some growth and bloom. Also, will I be able to plant them outdoors in May or so, or will they be too tired and worn out by then (I know that feeling, lol). I know they dislike transplanting, but I have been able to transplant other things that dislike tranplanting as well, that have been very successful for me. One of the JMGs I want to plant is the Kikyo Double Purple Picotee, as I believe it is a shorter vine. True or not?


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What a nice surprise!

Susan the only way to know is give it a try. Supplimental T5 fluorescents and metal halide light are suffcient. I don't grow them inside because of the space they take up. I don't see why you couldn't move them outside when it warms up. If they are looking kind of lanky just cut them back. The transition to natural light will most likely burn the foliage anyway, even if they are slowly adjusted to sunlight but that shouldn't be a problem as the new foliage grows. If you are worried about transplant shock you could always just sink the pots they are in into the garden or set the pot into a larger container once outside. I do that all the time with plants that don't like their roots disturbed.

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Just wondering how your MG plant is doing? I'm thinking about giving it a shot indoors.

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