Burrow in my raised bed

Austin_DrewApril 22, 2014

Hi folks, new to the forum and gardening in general. Just had these raised beds put in a few months ago and am having fun. However just noticed this burrow today.
What do you think this is? What should I do? I'm thinking the typical drown him out method of putting the hose on the hole and let it run for a while. Then once he's gone do a better job of screening in my beds.

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How deep is the hole? Squirrels love to dig in loose soil. They don't do any real damage.

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That looks like a hole I just noticed in my yard also. Definitely not a squirrel diggin hole. It even looks like a hole going downward, and something actually dragged some lint to decorate around the door, similar to how it looks like something is decorating your burrow's door too.

I did try to drown it out but I don't know how far the burrow goes, or if the animal is even in there at the moment. I let the water run in for a bit but then stopped when it didn't seem to be filling up or when no animal was seen.

I thought it might be a rat since a mouse probably didn't need that kind of big hole entrance.

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I had a huge toad in my Clematis bed that would burrow like that, then jump out when I watered. I finally moved him to the front bed where he couldn't do any damage. He still jumps out at me when I water, scares the puddin out of me everytime.

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PKponder TX(7b)

maybe a bunny?

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