red alert! mass exodus

aeloDecember 6, 2009

Hey guys, i need a little, or maybe a lot of help, i have a bin thats been up and running for 2 months now and up to now i dont belive we'v had a real problem yet, but i fed our worms yesterday (and everything seemed fine) and i just checked on them and i probably have 25-30 worm trying to leave, they are all piled up in abunch right against the wall near the top. The only thing diffrent is that when i fed them, i put the scraps right on top of a group of worms. I dont know if this was wrong or if our bin is gone sideway all of a sudden. If someone can help me out with what to do next to save our bin and worms that would be great.

Thanks All

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25 - 30 worms isn't a mass exodus, unless you only have 30 worms, but piling up in a bunch is the kind of behavior that suggests that they don't like something you've done to them. If you only have 25 - 30 worms out of 1000 or more complaining, then just give it time, and let the microbes work things out for you. If you have fed the worms something they have never seen before, they may be reacting to it, and you might want to remove it from the bin.

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