Aging/Curing Harvested Vermicompost

equinoxequinoxDecember 3, 2012

I have a nagging feeling there is something advantageous to curing harvested vermicompost we have not posted about yet. This would be in addition to being able to capture for reuse any worms that have hatched from the aged vermicompost. In the spring I find myself using chunkier, raw, freshly harvested vermicompost once I have used up the finer quality stuff harvested in the winter and aged a bit like wine. It is almost like there is still some bedding that could do with the addition of a tiny bit of easy nitrogen such as pumpkin or urine, or banana skins. Something nitrogen that would breakdown with no residual parts while bringing the original bedding or corn cobs, cardboard, pine cones, etc in to tinier pieces than the first vermicomposting go around.

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It would be great to have data on effecacy of new and aged vc. But who can provide it? Us I guess. I recently harvested 20 lb of vc and let sit in a warm spot for 30 days. I ran it back through the trommel and got thousands of juvie worms. These will soon be in full production. So I vote for always reprocessing until I have too many adults.

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What kind of trommel? Did you make it or buy it?

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I made it. Used a cheap cement mixer to turn it and cobbled a bunch of screen and sheet metal into a working machine. Lots of others on youtube to copy and get ideas from. It's quick and easy but it looks a little Fred Flintstoneish. I can process a couple hundred pounds of vc about as fast as I can shovel it.

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We want pictures

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I have a few photos, how do I post them? Promise not to laugh.

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I posted a pic on compost gallery.

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Aindra(8, BC)

In case you can't locate dadugriff's picture, here it is.

dadugriff, when you write the post to reply, you should be able to see "Image file to upload (optional) _____ [Browse]" above the writing box. Use the browse button to find your image file to upload and it'll attach it at end of your post.

Problem is you will lose the image if you click on "Preview Message", instead of "Submit Message" so you have do it again if you previewed.

Your device looks industrial! Certainly not flattering but it gets job done. :)

I don't have enough experience in curing/aging vc so I'll butt out.

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