Cross Pollinisation

equinoxequinoxDecember 3, 2012

So this guy has a question about harvesting compost but he put it on a board that has had no knowledgeable posters available to answer his question.

Should I post there that he should really post at a place that can answer his question with in 6 hours, but stealing him away from another site?

Should I post on that site that he should post his so far unanswered specialty question on this site where those types of questions are our bread and butter?

Should I post here so posters can answer him there, thus draining knowledge away from here?

Should I wait for the poster to get smarter and do a google search on his topic and see that this is the area of the web that deals with those vermicompost questions?

What say ye? I do not know what proper internet protocol is for this situation.

I ask because if the poster is going to be vermicomposting unlimited quantities of restaurant waste indoors they will maybe have issues in excess of their original "How do I harvest."

Does someone want to invite him to post his question here? With unlimited food waste and an interest in indoor vermicomposting he may have a lot to contribute, especially if his bounty of vermicompost greens does not drown him in leachate or suffocate him with fruitflys.

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Oh the permies, I forgot about that place. I started reading about edible food forests and navigated away before I could bookmark it months ago.

I'm not a member on the permies board but generally don't like to cannibalize from other forums but am active on a few. Maybe a PM at most - again I am not a member

I agree from reading this guy's posts he will need help but could quickly become a knowledge asset

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Equinox, how about sending a PM? If you can't do that, just make a post telling him to ask the question here. I don't see it as much as 'stealing' someone from another forum, I see it as helping out a fellow worm enthusiast.

That's what I would do.

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