Lost all my worms.

the_writDecember 27, 2010

About two and a half months ago I went to the doctor for what I thought was a head cold that I had been toughing out for a week but wouldn't go away. I finally went to the doctor when I started feeling delirious and running a high fever. Turns out I had a MRSA staff infection and was put in the hospital where I was kept for two months.

In short, I returned home to find my bin had dried up and everything had died. There was no trace of any worms to be found. I moistened the bedding thoroughly and hoped I might be able to bring it back if any cocoons survived.

It's been two weeks and after careful inspection I still haven't seen any sign of babies anywhere in the bin so I'm thinking it's a total loss.

I feel so bad about leaving them to die from neglect. I tended to them and watched them grow from the small one pound order I received well over a year ago to a whole large bin full of the little guys and now they are gone.

I'm not sure when I will be able to order any new worms to start over as the medical bills that are rolling in are taking everything I have so I am looking for other options.

I guess what I would like to know is can I use the worms I find outside under the leaf litter and in my compost pile to start over? They look just like the red worms I had in my bin and not like the large night crawlers I find in the spring in the garden. I figure it will be slow going with only the few I could find but better then nothing if I can get it to work. Any thoughts?



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2 weeks is not long enough. Be patient. I use a 55 gallon barrel for a hatchery so the cocoons have time to hatch. Just keep that VC moist and add a sprinkling of corn meal and the babies will work their way to the top. It just takes time for baby worms to get there.

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I agree with steamyb and yes, you can add the worms you find if yo are not too concern that yo will have a mix bin in the end.

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