NEED: Vine Seed Starting Help!

marbles_n_the_garden(DownEast Maine, Zone 5)December 26, 2008


This year, I am going to try some new vines. I ordered and have received several types of Passiflora (Passion) seeds. I have not grown them before, and want to do a good job with them.

I also want to do well with my Billardiera (AppleBerry) vines.

I have done my homework, but the starting instructions for the second plant leave a bit to be desired.

So, if anyone can help me with all the gory details, please do!

Thank you,


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I've never had much luck growing passifloras from seed. Try posting on the Passiflora forum, and talk with a gal named Karyn. She grows a LOT of passies.

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