Vinegar to kill weeds, grass

babesy(Zone 7 North Texas)April 25, 2013

I listen to 660 AM on Sunday mornings which is a Dallas station, to a program called The Dirt Doctor. He advocates using vinegar to spray weeds - 10% vinegar. I was shopping at Marshall Grain and saw a jug of 20% vinegar. Figuring, if 10% is good, 20% is better..........I bought a big jug.

I have lots of grass growing in my flower bed where the big roses form the back border and then there is a gap (walkway) and then flowers. The grass is in the gap. I spent days last summer pulling it out (we just moved in) and it's back. Can I spray with 20 or 10%, either, and if I do, will it kill anything I want to put in nearby? Lots of water to dilute after the grass has died? Anyone have experience doing this?


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daninthedirt(Cent TX; USDA z8a, HZ10, Sunset z30)

Just a reminder that 20% acetic acid is pretty strong stuff. Borderline "irritant" and "corrosive". So you ought to be careful using it as a broad spectrum herbicide. Muriatic acid will do the same thing, though it isn't sold as an herbicide. Keep both concentrated acids away from concrete, as they'll etch them pretty rapidly. Both are otherwise environmentally friendly, not leaving any bad stuff behind.

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Vinegar and orange oil works like a charm. I think its like 1 oz 20% vinegar and 1 oz orange oil to a gallon. Don't quote me though lol

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Will it kill nut grass?

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robyn_tx(8 Dallas)

I use vinegar a lot to kill weeds. Works great. Except on the dagnabit purple wandering jew which I can't stand and a nuclear explosion won't kill it. Grrr..

Nut sedge ... well, problem there is that the vinegar is going to kill everything around it too. The best success I've had with ridding sod of sedge is a daily regimen of a glass of wine and 15 minutes of pulling. Over the course of several weeks, you've relaxed with some vino every day and pulled buckets o' sedge.

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phyllisb2008(8 DFW)

I use white vinegar 10% 2 cups with 2 TBL of salt and 2 TBL spoons of Dawn. It works

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daninthedirt(Cent TX; USDA z8a, HZ10, Sunset z30)

FWIW, see ...

It appears that high concentration acetic acid works better than low concentration, but mainly in the long term. It is a significantly more expensive means of control than Roundup.

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I know Bob Webster has a recipe for killing nutsedge that's just mollases and water. Its 1/2 cup in one gallon of water. Spray your nutgrass with this at two week intervals. Eventually it'll be gone.

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Ann_in_Houston(z9 Houston)

I had no luck with vinegar on nut grass. It didn't kill anything I sprayed it on, for that matter. I used the household kitchen variety. I'll have to look at the label for the strength. I wouldn't wan to leave it in the ground long enough to spray it every two weeks and I would be afraid of ants.

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denisew(z8 TX)

One way to prevent over-spraying any kind of herbicide is to take an empty soda bottle with the bottom cut off and cap removed. Cover the weed with the bottle and spray it through the opening at the top. You can use plastic milk jugs if you have something larger to spray or the 20 oz. soda bottles for small weeds.

For the nut sedge, I use dry molasses. TAMU has proven that molasses makes the roots stop growing. I used to have a good sized patch of nut sedge in my backyard and over the last few years have applied dry molasses and also use an organic fertilizer with molasses. Most of it has stopped growing out there. I have only seen two sprigs of it this year so far. Plus, it is much safer around pets and people.

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