how many Morning Glory plants produced this result?

ameera(z11 Dubai)December 18, 2012

Hi, I am going to try to grow Morning Glories for the first time here in Dubai. I think they will have the chance to do well during our warm winter here.

I am wanting it to grow up a pole in our car port but I am wondering if just one plant is enough...

I looked online for how Morning Glory vines look but no one mentions how many they plant... so for the photo I got from online that I am posting here, how many plants do you think this is?

If it is possibly more than one plant I am thinking of planting Moon vines together so that on the same pole there are blooms during the day and night...

Also, I will make an immediate reply with a photo of our car port... to ask another question

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ameera(z11 Dubai)

This is a photo of our car port I took from my roof... see the white pole on the side of the Jeep? that is the pole I want the morning glory or morning glories to climb.. I was also wondering if you look up toward the top, there looks like a fence like area... will morning glories weave themselves through that or will they not since it is not verticle?

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Hi Ameera, and welcome to vine growing!

I would think you can get that kind of growth in the first photo from maybe 2 plants if they are grown in optimum conditions for soil, water and sunlight.

Do you have a source for morning glory seeds in Dubai? If so, what will you be growing in your first efforts?

Will you be growing your plants in pots / containers or directly in the ground? I am just curious how you will grow them.

Again, welcome!

Best regards, Joseph

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How wide is the pole? I think robust growing vines would wind around it ok. They would also grow along the lattice structure at the top of the photo. It might be difficult to clean the dead vines out of that area after the plants finished growing (unless of course you had a tall ladder).

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I think the 1st photo shows Ipomoea tricolor "Heavenly Blue" and there could be anywhere from 1 to several plants in the reference photo.

The pole in your carport may require some mesh around the bottom to help the young plants start to twine and then you can help them climb by assisting them to weave in and out of themselves as the reach upwards , that is if there is enough light to draw the plants to grow upward...

The vines should naturally cover the lattice since there are a percentage of vine tips that will droop , re-attach to the lattice and eventually cover it...

Hope that helps...


P.S. - keep the vines well watered (especially in a zone 11) and in as large a container as is practical for a larger water reserve and to help prevent the sun from overly frying / drying out the growing medium too much...

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ameera, my method is to just try it. What's to loose? I always plant a lot of seeds, and then snip the weak ones, let the strong ones grow. :) Arum

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ameera(z11 Dubai)

gerris2, the pole is 28cm, or 11in in diameter. Thank you for all your advice... I bought a bunch of flower seeds from the US... it is winter here now so the temperatures are in the high 70s, low 80s right now. It should go down to the low 70s in the next month or so. I will be growing the MGs in Smart Pots (fabric pots).

seeds for Heavenly Blue, Split Second, and also Moon Vines have sprouted for me. I think I only have room to try the Heavenly Blue and the Moon Vine... I am trying to think of another place I can grow the Split Second ones... I don't want to have to let the seedlings die... I might try to create some kind of stake thingy out front of our house and let them grow there...

As for cleaning the vines once they die yes, I do have a ladder... if it is too much of a pain to clear out the dead vines, I will wait to try to grow them again until we move to find a better place for them to grow.

ron_convolvulaceae, thank you--I will put up some kind of mesh for them to hopefully get them to start climbing the pole :) There is plenty of sunlight... right now in that photos a tomato plant in a Smart Pot in front of the pole... I will be moving that to another location to put the Morning Glory pots there instead.

dena_eft 7, I am going to go ahead and plant all the seeds that germinate and see what happens... so far 3 Heavenly Blue seeds and 2 Moon Vines have germinated.... oh yes, and 2 Split Seconds...but I will not grow those in that location...trying to think of another place as I mentioned... :)

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ameera, please keep us posted as to your progress, pics would be great. :) Arum

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To keep the vine from getting out of hand and too tall, you can always take a scissors and snip the leading end of the vine. It will then make lateral vines which will all make flowers.

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