soil for violas and seed scarification

saint_ivo(z6 Western Slo)January 27, 2004

Ah, I just realized there was a violets form -- great!! I originally posted this in perennials.I have an area, maybe 100 sq feet, under a pin oak that I would like to cover with violas of different types. It goes from all dappled shade to a couple of hours of sunlight. Right now the soil is clay with a crummy weed/grass covering. I don't want to dig too deeply and disturb the pin oak's roots. Can I just dig about 6 inches and add lots of peat moss for moisture? Will that do for viola odorata or cornuta Purple Showers or Maggie Mott?

Also, starting odorata from seed, does it need to be in the frig or in the freezer. And, if freezing, for how long?

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A pH value of 5.0-5.5 is suitable for most violas. Your light conditions sounds a bit dark as although violas are better than most, it is not exactly a 'shade' shade plant.. at least not in our zone6.

Most violas need a cool period to induce flowering, but I have had no problems germinating the seeds (stratification not required). I know a lot of references state so, but I have not found it necerssary (percentage 65-70%). Also, darkness is often said to be required which I have also not found to be necerssary. In fact I usually get better results germinated as surface sown with full light 24/7.

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