violets not spreading

hadleyweed(z8WA)January 17, 2008

I planted viola odorata and viola duchess du parma in my garden 2 years ago in a spot with bright shade with little direct sun. They sustained some slug damage the first winter and spring, but once I put out some slug bait (only for my violets would I do such a thing!), they looked a little better, with more and larger leaves and a few flowers. Unlike in the garden at my old house, these violets seem to not be spreading at all, and they don't flower much. The plants just don't look very vigorous. Last spring (a year ago) I top dressed with a good thick layer of compost, but the plants didn't seem that much happier. Do they need more sun? More water? Is my soil missing something? The foxgloves and dicentra that grow nearby seem fine. Are they just still recovering from being so slug chewed??

Thanks for any help!

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etii(France 8)

Hi !

Well, I would say "not enought sun" :-)
A shade place is not the best, except during summer. The more your violets are having sun during winter and spring, the more they are making blooms.
Make a try :-)

Yours sincerely :-)

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Thanks Thierry for the reply. You are always so generous with you help to newbies. I guess I had always been told that violets are a shade plant, and here in the Pacific Northwest, violets grow wild in the shade in the conifer forests in the mountains. But after I read your post, I remembered the huge bed of violets my friend's mother had (which was what made me long for a nice good spread of violets - the scent was heaven!) was in the sun. I think I will go ahead and move my violets into a part sun position.

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