Viola chaerophylloides

carol23_gwJanuary 27, 2004

I love this flower and the foliage.

Image link:

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time for this post to go down.

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Vicki_J(z6a NJ)

This is a beautiful violet. I have ordered a plant for my garden.
How many violets do you grow?

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membertom(zone 6)

By the way Carol and Vicki, I think Viola chaerophylloides is very nice too. Mine is not so pink (actually it's plain white), and I have some trouble keeping it happy. But when it IS happy; it's spectacular. And it has a nice fragrance too.
Mine looks more like the one labeled: Viola chaerophylloides f. sieboldiana, at the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Viola chaerophylloides f. sieboldiana

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I just started growing this one so it's still in pots.
In the garden I have Viola pedata. In my greenhouse a few seedlings have emerged. Viola labradorica, and one with variegated foliage, 'Sylvia Hart' are growing. Probably there is some Viola variegata, too.
I don't want loads of wild violets invading my lawn and garden so want to be selective. There are lawns with purple and white violets up the street from me. The seeds are washing and blowing down into my grass and garden.

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Vicki_J(z6a NJ)

Hi Carol and Tom,
A greenhouse! I am envious. Interesting that you have v. pedata in the garden. Did you plant it or was it there? I have given up on the species after several attempts to get it established because I obviously cannot give it what it wants. V.pedata 'Artist's Palette' comes back for me, however.
I love 'Sylvia'. It reseeds about the place for me, but is absolutely not what one could call invasive. I am zone 6b sometimes rather than 6a.
Have you looked at John Whittlesey's list of violets, there are many lovely ones that are well behaved and won't take over the garden or the lawn.

Tom, the yumyum site you linked to, is that the web site of the Japanese violet photographer and author? When I went to it the only legible words were the captions to the photographs.


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I know Viola pedata cannot tolerate lime. Have you done a pH test? One of the local experts told me not to plant it in a trough due to the lime leaching out. Another rock garden member had her Viola pedata die after placing it in a trough.
A rock garden member grows V. pedata in Exton PA. You can look at his web site, Edgewood Gardens, then go to Plant image galleries, then Violaceae to see his plants.
Mine is the Eco Gardens cultivar. It is green now and has been in the garden for about 4 years.

Here is a link that might be useful: Viola pedata

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