streptocarpella .. can mine be saved???

newontarionian(6)January 10, 2003

ok .. today i read a bit about this lovely plant which i have had for about two months. i realize that i have been torturing it (which you would instantly guess upon seeing it!) i now better understand that i have to fertilize it monthly, water from the bottom so the leaves dont get wet and keep it dry between waterings (only once a week, they say).

the question i have is ... can i cut all the stems back (how far, i wonder?) because it has lost all its leaves except the ones on the very top of each branch? the leaves that were there were brown and dead. i did cut them off (no easy matter as there are a million on each branch!) but its still pathetic :-(

can you help me bring this lovely plant back to its beautifully flowering state? how shall i prevent those crispy leaves from returning? what to do .. what to do .. help save my streptocarpella, please!



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Mike Hardman(Cyprus, 100m altitude)

Wrong forum - your query should go one the African Violets forum - see link

Here is a link that might be useful: African Violets forum

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oops ... my mistake ... thanks mike!


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I realize it was an easy mistake, but when someone posts a saintpaulia question here, the Monty Python fan in me wants to ask: "What do you mean- an African Violet, or a European Violet? ;)


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Mike Hardman(Cyprus, 100m altitude)

At least it is a little better than on another forum, where I guess the Monty Python in you would ask "What do you mean - a Geranium or a geranium?".

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I have a streptocarpella that I kept in the house over the winter. The plant is large and looks healthy however, it is all leaves and did not bloom all winter and has not bloomed this spring. It gets light and I fertilize it. What is wrong?

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Mine was like that after the winter so I cut all the ends off and used them as cuttings. All grew and now I have loads of them all flowering beautifully! Perhaps you could try the same if you managed to save the plant. Best of luck.I live in the uk by the way but don't think this will make any difference.

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