I have had it with weed eating!

marti8aApril 22, 2009

I mowed yesterday (mostly riding except one patch in the front yard) so that was easy. Got up this morning and used the weedeater around all the trees and the flower bed borders. I wasn't done, but finally had to quit about 1:30 because my arms were trembling so bad. I came in, took a shower, drank a lot of water, and still could barely hold the glass in one hand. Now here it is, 6 hours later and my arms still feel weak.

Now I could start exercising, but where's the fun in that? I have been searching for methods of gardening without having to use a weedeater and unfortunately, most of them involve Roundup.

Does anyone have any other methods that really work and don't involve intensive labor? Pix are nice. *hint*

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lou_midlothian_tx(z8 DFW, Tx)

Unfortunately, there's no other way. I use both weed eater and stick edger. Stick edger is way better than weed eater for trimming grass off driveway, curb an sidewalk. A lot faster, cleaner and straight trim! I have to use weed eater around fence, trees and garden bed (trees and beds lined with border stones to keep mulch in and keep grass out making it much easier to trim grass away without making a mess with mulch).

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Hubby bought me the light weight Black & Decker battery operated weed eater and I love it. Does a great job and doesn't vibrate your arms as much. One charge lasts for a good while but we bought a second one for back up. Hope you arms stop trembling.

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tropical nut, I started to buy one of those but was afraid it wouldn't have the power to do the weeds along the chain link fence. Can yours do large weeds?

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shebear(z8 NCentralTex)

Gee I remember "pre-weedeater" and "pre-Round-Up". I don't think the lawn care business could deal with that now.

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My right arm is ok today, but my left is stiff. I'm on a mission now. I want more enjoyment and less work.

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I must have blocked out most of those memories shebear. I know when I was a teen, it was my job to mow the yard, but I didn't edge. We had one of those manual edgers that rolled along the edge of the sidewalk and had to be dragged back & forth several times to get the job done. I did have to use the hand grass clippers to go around the trees though. I probably didn't give it much effort then though. Sure wouldn't want to do that now.

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I've been cutting down 6-8" chinaberry weeds. Also use it to get right down to the bare ground to start new beds and under the fences. Best investment ever. Think I'll get two more batteries to keep charged and I can keep going.

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I may have to get one of those. Thanks for the info.

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You've hit on the one reason that I go to the gym -- to keep from being so very sore when garden chores kick in in the spring.

I have an electric which isn't too heavy but it does vibrate plus I usually spend at least half my time re-doing the string. The gas weed eater is even worse.

I did kind of bring it on myself by placing lots of flower beds where lawn used to be. I think the best solution is to merge those flower beds and just reduce the grass.

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That's my situation too ann. I can't stand the gas one, don't like those fumes right next to my head or having to mess with the choke.

The electric I bought is just too heavy for me or it's not balanced. All the weight is at the end and my back and arms can't take it. I would make the whole yard garden if dh would let me.

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Maybe you could at least cut down on the weedeating by using a Roundup type product on parts of the yard like along the fenceline. I have 5 acres and a lot of fence line and I do not hesitate to get out my sprayer and spray the fence lines occasionally to cut down on the weedeating. Of course, then my arms are tired from lugging the sprayer :)

Also, if you cut the grass, using the weedeater, as far down into the soil as possible, you can skip weedeating for a time or two. Anything to make life easier!

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texaslynn, last we bought an 8hp walk behind string trimmer. It looks kind of like a lawmower and has wheels on the back. That is what dh uses to do the property line. We've just got an acre and I'm trying to get shrubs along the fence line. He thinks it is easier but it still requires effort to keep the nose raised to trim.

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