US Violet Collections?

membertom(zone 6)February 27, 2008

A violet enthusiast from Portugal will be visiting the United States in April and asked me to recommend some violet collections to visit.

I could only think of Canyon Creek Nursery in California.

Anybody else have a suggestion???

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stefanb8(z7 MD)

Boy, I really don't know - if there are any, I sure haven't heard about them. I'm hoping someone out there will have a great suggestion but I'll probably be surprised.

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stefanb8(z7 MD)

You can try this link to search the plant records of a limited number of public gardens in the U.S. - unfortunately many do not indicate the life status of their plants, but there are some 14 forms at the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens in Colorado that are listed as being alive. Some gardens, like the New York Botanic Garden and Longwood, have more listed but it's hard to tell if they were recently present as living specimens.

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membertom(zone 6)

Thanks Stefan. I'll pass that information along.

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of course, from europe i am not really aware of what happens in US but I would also recommand Canyon creek nurseries in California...
I just wanted to point out the discreet posting of member trianglejohn..he just says that he has a large collection...
RE: Where did you get your love for violets?
Posted by trianglejohn z7b NC ( on Tue, Feb 19, 08 at 17:15

I came to appreciate wild violets in a round-about way - I got back to basics after first falling in love with Pansies and Violas. Everywhere I've ever lived they were just the most reliable winter bloomer. And they come in so many shapes and colors. I'd always liked wild violets and loved it when I stumbled across Birdsfoot Violets in the Ozark Mountains. Now I live where it is a bit hot to start seeds in late summer for fall/winter blooming but I love starting them from seed AND I have a large collection of true violets (both species and cultivars).

One of you can get in touch with him but I think we would all appreciate that he presents its collection! thanks in advance!

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Hi Nathalie!

As I travel around the US, I often stop at botanic gardens and arboretums. Many of them have violets on display but none of them have a section devoted to viola exclusively. Most of the better specimens are in northern climates or higher altitude than where I live.

One thing you might want to consider is showing off native wildflowers - violets are pretty common everywhere wildflowers are found. I know whenever I show people Viola pedata in the wild they are impressed. It all depends on when they are traveling.

I live in Raleigh North Carolina. Violets grow ok here but the bloom season is short because it gets hot so early in the year. I don't mind showing anyone my collection but it is truly impressive for about one month - and this year is supposed to be even hotter and drier than last year. They should be in full bloom next month and I do plan on taking photos and posting pictures then.

My email address is

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Thanks for the details
Can't wait untill next month! ;)

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