Violets with Lavender?

karlajr(z5 CO)February 20, 2010

Last Mother's Day, in memory of my deceased daughter, I planted a small garden of her favorite plant, English lavender. I would like to plant pansies there also, but I fear the full sun may be too intense for them. My second choice is violets - the old fashiion type. I have read that they are in the ground cover catagory. MY QUESTION IS: WILL THE VIOLETS END UP CHOKING OUT THE LAVENDER. Any input would be greatly appreciated. This garden is in a public location, on the south end of Colorado Springs, a good distance from my home. I am not able to check on it every day.


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What a lovely way to remember your daughter. I don't think the violets will spread that quickly. We have the old fashioned, purple violets and they like partial shade, but do fine in full sun (at least here in Eastern Washington). I would just check on them a couple of times a year and prune them back from the lavender a bit, if necessary.

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