viola Etain

flowergirl70ksFebruary 19, 2008

does anyone know of a seed source for viola Etain?

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flowergirl70ks I don't think etain comes back true from seed. I've found many sources of plants but no seeds. If you check this link (I hope I do it right!)it just says that etain is a hybrid so no true seedlings :-( I found many other pretties in my search though!! PS I grew up in Ks(Mcpherson area)How's the weather? It sucks up here(northern michigan)! Brandy

Here is a link that might be useful: violet etain

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etii(France 8)

Well, some hybrids are just steril. Nature's rules !

I had a pansy called 'Rebecca': not too bad blooms for a pansy ;oP, I kept it 2 years and it never made any seeds.
Just the same for some violets: viola 'Mars' for example :-)

All the best - Thierry :)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I had a feeling this would be the answer. Must be why they are $5 apiece, and I want many. As soon as it gets hot here they have to be cut back as they get really leggy. Brandy, I live in Dodge City. Today it was 63, last night in the 20's. Tomorrow the high will be 24. This is the crazyiest winter we have had here in many years. Thanks for your answers, I appreciate it.

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Flower-don't forget there are other ways to propagate! I'm not sure what the laws are for etain-maybe ok to grow your own cuttings but not sell? They usually say on the tag. Man what I would give to hear a meadowlark singing! It's funny the things you miss....B

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