Viola Oderata Royal Robe & Viola Cucullata Freckles in San Diego

SanDiegoGardener(SW10 San Diego)February 2, 2004

Looking for guidance.

I have planted v. odorata & v. cucullata in March of 02. After 2 years, I have 2 blooms on the odorata located east of a 5 foot stucco wall. A second odorata that receives sun until about 4 pm looks shaggy and beaten down. cucullata is east of the stucco wall also and has done nothing.

I do not fertilize heavily as it is my understanding that this will only cause fast and furious foliage (not flowers)?? Is that right? When I do fertilize I use granular GroPower. This summer I plan to foliar feed. I read an article in California Gardener about violets that have "stuck" in the Whalen Garden in Old Town on the East side of the house. I do not recall ever seeing the violets.

Any ideas? Or should I give up and send these violas back East to gardens of my childhood?

I used to pick them out of the grass and garden and make nosegays on Mother's Day. They were invasive and I loved it.

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joanmary_z10(z10 Fort Lauderdale, Florida)

I had V. odorata and quite a few other fragrant violets growing on Long Island, New York as well as in Connecticut. They bloomed well without any fertilizer in a shady spot in the garden. I did have a healthy amount of mulch which had decayed in the soil and being woodland flowers, this would probably be a good addition to your garden. Dont give up on them.

I too am struggling to have them flourish in my garden in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and have many die when planted in the soil. I now keep them in pots, again in a shady area but with filtered light. So far I have had one wonderfully fragrant violet thats just in the process of ending its bloom. I am about to try to find other fragrant violets - probably buy from Logees or Canyon Creek and I'll hover over them watching their growth in my clay pots here in the semi tropics!

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