HELP!!! Viola research funding

dwhr(NH cool z4)February 17, 2007

Hello viola lovers,

I am a grad student at Ohio State University. I am trying to get started on a thesis that examines the origins of the modern pansy (V. Ã wittrockiana), and am looking for funding. I've inserted a brief proposal below. Does anyone know any horticultural societies that would have some research grants?



Where did the pansy come from?

The genetic heritage of the modern pansy, as determined by ALFP-PCR

H&CS masters student Daniel Robarts

Advisors David Tay, Clay Sneller, and Harvey Ballard

Collaborator Matthias Erben

Violas have been in cultivation for thousands of years, found in the marketplace of ancient Athens, and today are the fourth highest selling bedding annual (including vegetables) in the United States in 2006. The modern garden pansy (Viola à wittrockiana) is said to be derived from four species of Viola native to Europe (V. tricolor, V. lutea, V. gracilis, and V. cornuta), and hybridized there during the viola craze of the 19th century. This claim has never been scientifically examined, and a number of specialists today feel that this assertion may be false, based on the morphology of the modern pansy relative to its four supposed ancestors as well as the geographic separation of these four progenitor species. Recent developments in genetic analysis can allow for the assessment of the genetic similarity (an assumed heredity) of these plants based on DNA markers. Using amplified fragment-length polymorphism polymerase chain reaction (AFLP-PCR) based fingerprinting technology, strains of modern pansy will be compared to populations of the supposed four ancestral species.

A second part of this experiment will utilize the same methods of genetic analysis to explore industry interests, expressed by companies such as PanAmerican Seed and Goldsmith Seeds. The genetic similarity (and assumed compatibility) of the modern garden pansy and perennial forms of Viola and also Viola species with dissected foliage with hopes of incorporating these traits into modern breeding lines.

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etii(France 8)

Hi !
Again ??
What about looking for a scientist forum...

Yours sincerely....Thierry...

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You might want to do a search on some fed govt websites, they usually dole out research cash.

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