I think I lost my blackfoot daisy

marti8aApril 22, 2014

I was hoping it just wasn't out yet, but I just saw melvalena's pictures and her blackfoot daisy is big and blooming, so I guess mine is toast. Bummer. I just can't seem to keep these alive.

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Maybe there's still hope. I can barely see mine coming up. It isn't anywhere near putting its first blooms out.

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I can't keep them alive either but I just bought another one today.
I'm going to plant it in an area that I almost never water and see what happens.
I'm sure my biggest problem is no full sun area's.

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Where did melvalena post her picture? I can't find it. I forgot to mention when I was at Marshall Grain this past weekend, the lady there told me blackfoot daisy doesn't like it's roots disturbed. She said to either take it out of the pot and plant it as is or cut a slit with a razor blade in each corner.

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It's on the gallery msrose.

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tx_ag_95(7/8 Lewisville)

Per one of the plant answer people at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildlife Center, they don't like the heavy clay soil we have, not in the winter when it stays damp. I lost all of mine this winter and need to figure out how to amend the soil in that area so that they'll overwinter properly. They're fine through the summer and fall, but once winter comes...I guess the ground just stays too wet for them to handle. I'm not sure how, since I didn't water and all they got was rain, but they WERE at the bottom of a slight hill, at the edge of the sidewalk. I'm going to blame the December ice storm. :(

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andbowen(7b/8a DFW TX)

Someone at North Haven told me it was the ice storm that did them in - the soil got super saturated, then froze... bad news. All of mine died. I thought I had them raised up enough in soil well amended with compost, but I was wrong. Time to start over. Oh well.... I love them so much that I am willing to replant every year if that's what it takes. This year I will collect seeds to winter sow just in case. Just FYI - Calloways has quart size BFD for $5.99. I typically don't shop there, but it was better than paying $10 each for a gallon pot elsewhere.

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hmmm.. it must have been an old thread/photo because I don't have any black foot daisies here at the new house. (at least not that I know of...)

What thread did you see the photo in? I used to have one at the old house in Coppell. It was in one of the front yard beds.

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Lin barkingdogwoods

Those of you with clay soils might try adding expanded shale in addition to compost - it really opens up the clay.

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PKponder TX(7b)

I think that it may have been Roselee's blackfoot daisies that she saw. San Antonio is a world away from North Central Texas :-)

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You're right, it is roselee, in the Things Are Coming Along Nicely thread. I don't know how I switched the names, probably read another post after seeing that one.

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