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srilunewgardenerApril 14, 2012

Hi All,

I planted some red pepper seeds today. I wanted to plant green peppers too. But, just today, I found out that Red peppers are actually ripened green peppers. Are my peppers going to be green when they are raw? I don't need to get green pepper seeds now. I planted enough seeds to pick some of them raw and leave the rest to ripen.

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timintexas(z8 E.Tx.) got it. Most all Peppers ripen to red. Your typical "green" bell pepper will always ripen to red. There are a few varieties that are specifically grown for their red stage but any will do. Even things such as Jalapeno will, when left on the plant, ripen to a bright red. I always try to leave a large % to ripen, They have so much flavor (sweet!) and tons more vitamin C.
It is always best to pick your first few peppers of the season at the green stage. If you leave the early ones to ripen to red, your total yeild tends to be smaller.
You might want to consider getting some transplants in the ground. They are cheap and you will be picking peppers long before your seedling are producing. I usually have my pepper seeds planted around Valentines day for setting out at about this time. No need to lose valuable time waiting on your seedlings. Remember, the days to production written on the back of seed packs are often from the date of TRANSPLANT when it comes to things like peppers.

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Thank you. That's a very good information. I will get some transplants too and plant them along with the seeds.

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