Flowering dappled shade plant safe for dogs?

eclecticgardener(Plano TX)April 9, 2011

I was about to plant some Azelas out back, and remembered to do a search to see if they are safe for pets.

Sadly, they are not.

I am trying to figure out some sort of low profile plants that I put in morning sun, to dappled shade that has either wildlife value, or flowers of some sort.

Of course, they must be safe for dogs.

Guessing my Gardenias that I picked up are out as well. :(

Anyone have any suggestions?

I am more of a flowers girl, than a shrub gal.

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Does your dog eat plants? Mine doesn't, which is why I ask.

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eclecticgardener(Plano TX)

I have three 100+ pound rescue dogs.
Yes, they will sometimes go out back and graze.
I am not sure they would eat any particular plant, but they do sometimes take a bite or two of the Salvia Black & Blue, some tree leaves that come out from the side of my stupid cedar elm tree, and I had to move the Lantana plants because they loved to chomp on them.

So, yeah, maybe they would decide to snack on something new. I am not sure enough to risk it.

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good luck! I'm sorry I can't really help you. Surely there's a list somewhere of plants that won't hurt your pups?
At the very least I'm sure you can find a list of plants NOT to plant and go from there?

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pjtexgirl(7b DFW)

Roses, and puppy can prune them for you! I suggest a swamp rose (native) and tough as all get out. It spring blooms, tolerates poor drainage. If you decide to "bond" with your puppies over lunch you can eat the rose too! LOL!

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eclecticgardener(Plano TX)

Is this the one? Rosa palustris
Just making sure!
If so, I love it that it says it will take shade!
What a surprise!

I tried to put a link, but getting some message about spam, then it won't let me post my message.
So strange!

Anyway, if I type in swamp rose here, I come up with the one I think we are talking about.

Rosa palustris

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pjtexgirl(7b DFW)

Yeah, I got the same message. It's to stop spammers. Sheesh.
They sell it at weston gardens in Fort Worth. Weston's just list it as a "species" no latin name. I'll bet that's the same one. They do sucker but if your dogs "prune" that's a good thing. It's also a good thing if you have wild bunnies "pruning" too!
100lb dogs are very large. What do you have? My mom showed (no breeding) Afgans, Borzoi(120lbs), and had crazily enough, wolf hybrids (also 100+ lbs and fruity as all get-out.)

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eclecticgardener(Plano TX)

Sorry for going missing.
It is end of the year for my teen, and school stuff is keeping me busy.

I have a German Shepherd - she is like 14 years old.
A Chocolate Lab - he is around 10 years old.
A Golden Retriever, she is 8 years old.

All rescue dogs.
I will see if I can locate one of those plants here.
Possibly I can get one from Shades of Green - I LOVE this garden center.
Almost all native stuff! It is amazing!
Thanks for telling me about this one, I had no idea!


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I have a dog and garden tip

My darling canines thing freshly dug beds and plantings are a gift! One digs and tosses compost to another county because he is certain there must be something really good down there

Last year I decided to try coated wire. It's sold where they sell fence materials. I lay it on top of the soil and pin down with landscape pins. No Digging! It works great in my veggie bed and on the ground.

Just in case your sweeties are motivated to do more than munch.

I planted some knock outs and crinums in their yard 2 years ago and all are doing well. I don't know about shade.

I have a row of azaleas next to a hedge. Cats and rodents don't seem to bother them or be bothered by them.

In your plant search, look at hydrangeas: oakleaf needs less than the others, but my Endless Summer hydrangeas are really tough and do bloom all summer.


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pjtexgirl(7b DFW)

EG, Those dogs are big for thier breed! You're welcome.

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try torenia
it likes dappled light, is low profile, is a plant not a shrub and you can find it in hanging baskets at a great price right now. And what I read it is not toxic. I've tried the 4" pots before, but they did not do as well as the hanging baskets...even planted in the ground.


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