viola koriana Sylettas

tepelus(6a SW MI)February 20, 2008

What can you tell me about this plant? I ordered seeds to give them a try, what should I expect of them? All I know about them is what I have read from the company I am getting the seeds from.


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etii(France 8)

Hi !

Good choice :-)
What do you what to know exactly ?
Leaves turn green during the end of spring. In fact, it would be under the influence of a virus reacting to heat. Variegated plants are a kind of mystery...if you can find good writings about them, BINGO, I would enjoy reading them.

All the best - Thierry :-)

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stefanb8(z7 MD)

The plant being sold as that is actually Viola variegata; it is a beautiful plant (and doesn't lose its variegation during the year, actually) but it is quite weedy in its ability to seed around and can form dense patches. However, seeds from companies may or may not be viable - violets can be difficult to germinate unless they're sown very fresh. I'm not sure if this is one of the species that needs some cold to germinate, but I'd just do a few Google searches to find that information.

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tepelus(6a SW MI)

I plan on winter sowing the violets, and want to plant them around where my hostas are going to be. They'll get light dappled shade all summer. Crappy that they might turn all green, or that the seeds may not be very viable....but if I get a few plants out of the seeds, it'll be worth it. Should I discourage any of the wild violets to be grown near these guys to keep from any potential cross-breeding, or is that unlikely to happen? Any and all information you can give me will be much appreciated!


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stefanb8(z7 MD)

Winter sowing certainly sounds like the best option to me! They won't turn green, trust me - I've grown thousands of them (a few of them even on purpose, at least, at first ;) They seem to be completely incompatible with any of the native violets, so you shouldn't have to worry about accidental hybrids. If the seeds don't work out, all you need to do is buy one plant - in a few years, there won't be any difference, because they multiply like nobody's business!

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tepelus(6a SW MI)

Thanks! They should be coming soon in the mail, as soon as I get them they are going to get planted and put outside with the rest of the group. It's good to know they won't cross breed and that they'll multiply very well, when they do I'll have some to pass around to friends and family.


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tepelus(6a SW MI)

I got my viola seeds yesterday and sowed them this morning. The seeds are tiny and I didn't cover them when I sowed them. Am I supposed to or do they need the light to germinate?


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stefanb8(z7 MD)

It's hard to say - I've read conflicting stories about that. Conventionally, it's supposed that ants carry the seeds down into the ground where they sprout in total darkness (violet seeds from many species if not all, have a tasty little morsel attached called an elaiosome, which evolved for this very purpose). Given the way this species seems to colonize most heavily where the seeds have washed downhill, I would at least make sure they're watered in well, or else just lightly sprinkle some medium over them and pat them in if they're already wet enough.

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tepelus(6a SW MI)

Ok, I wasn't sure because usually tiny seeds like those generally don't like to be covered, but different strokes for know. Tomorrow I'll lightly cover them and see from there. Thanks!


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