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lkenton9March 19, 2007

I'm concidering purchasing some violet plants from big dipper farms. I'd like to put them on the north side of my house. The shade can be pretty dense especially in the winter. There is also a soft maple in the area...lots of roots. Can violet survive in these kind of conditions? As the season progresses the area gets more sun, and I rip out tree roots every year, so one more bed to clear wouldn't be that bad.

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etii(France 8)

Hello !

No easy to answer your question. There are as many violets with different behaviours as there are different people :o)
Some of them don't like shade place at all !(pedata, pedatifida, alpine violets and so on). If violets grown in part shade place is not because they don't like the sun but 'cause they enjoy moist place: the more they get sun, the more they flower.
I'm not sure making violets survive is a good idea, i'ts breaking my heart ;o)
Well, may I suggest odorata....if the shade is not too tought, you'll have a very few flowers, if it's too dense, they won't survive. Hard to say as long as I can't see the place you're talking about :-)

All the best :-)

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greenwitch(Sz19 SoCal)

I am new to violets but having read bits out of a book on violets I seem to remember that they like full sun in the winter and filtered or dappled shade during the warmer summer months - under deciduous trees is ideal. Where I live we had a hot spell for about a week and the violas almost croaked - they love full sun and cool temperatures and the flowers are the most numerous and big and colorful then. When the temps go up the blooms get small and the plants peter out.

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