What is the diagnosis and prognosis of my tomato plant.

RemoteDocJune 19, 2012

Hello, I'm a first time grower, and like some, I started without reading anything and just planting away! Unfortunately it had its consequences. I live in zone 9B, Central Florida. I purchased some Early-Girl 50 Tomatoes at Lowes about a week ago (probably my first mistake). Now, on many of the leaves of the lower half, they have the spots seen in the following photos:


After doing a little research, I sense that it could be some type of spot bacteria/fungi. My questions are: What is the diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis? Also, if there is another (only 1 fortunately) tomato plant right next to it, what are your recommendations?

Thanks for your help.

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Not sure of the diagnosis, but you can just cut off the worst leaves and let it grow. Sometimes those are just sunburned spots. Tomatoes can still grow and produce fruit with some funky leaves. It's rare to have everything all perfect.

Here is a link that might be useful: What's Growing On?

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)
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Hi RemoteDoc,

I can't tell whether it's Early Blight or Septoria, but, in either case, I recommend you pick off (and throw away) all infected leaves. Then start a regular (once every 1-2 weeks) spraying program with Daconil (AKA Ortho Garden Disease Control, amongst other brands). This will not cure the disease, but will help keep it from spreading. Also, if your plants are not mulched, you should mulch them very soon. Both of these leaf diseases are very common. With care, your plants will survive and produce a good crop. Good luck!

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Thanks for everyone's input. I have trimmed all leaves I thought were infected today. It looks greener and less infected, that's for sure, but it also looks more bare! :) I will keep an eye on it, and even getting some Daconil as mentioned. Thanks again for the help!

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