Spring Greetings from Maryland, USA

jim_mck(z7, MD USA)March 14, 2006

The violet season is well underway here in my garden.

Please take a look at the attached image: for those of you still in the grips of winter, I hope it brings a breath of spring.

The violets shown, reading clockwise from the 1 o'clock position, are: 1 Swanley White, 2 Lianne, 3 Mme Armadine Pages, 4 Feline, 5 King of the Doubles, 6 D'Udine, 7 V. dissecta chaerophylloides, 8 Queen Charlotte, 9 Reid's Crimson Carpet, 10 Duchesse de Parme, 11 V. sororia and 12 de Toulouse.

The other flowers shown, in no particular order, are Galanthus 'Augustus', G. elwesii, Mahonia bealei, Lonicera fragrantissima, Scilla mischtchenkoana, Chionodoxa sardensis, Ch. forbesii, Crocus tommasinianus, Glechoma hederacea, Jasminum nudiflorum, Magnolia stellata, Helleborus foetidus, H. cf. torquatus, Narcissus Tete a Tete,Muscari 'Christmas Pearl', Muscari 'Dark Eyes", Hepatica nobilis and Euphorbia communis. The foliage between the violet blossoms is that of Ranunculus ficaria - I was not about to pick the violet foliage!

Image link:

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rob_peace(VIC Aust)

thanks for such a beautiful picture, jim. you're obviously quite a gardener! i have a few early flowers on my violets and some autumn crocus, cholchicum varieties here. your arrangement reminds me of the introductory page of some old gardening books i have seen....very elegant!

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romando(9b/10a , sunset 17)

That's beautiful! Do you have any (ANY) seeds available you could trade from any of your violets? I'd baby them well... ; )
Amanda 'romando'

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joanmary_z10(z10 Fort Lauderdale, Florida)

Ah, thats a delightful Posy! Lucky you!

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