You people make me laugh!

brandymulvaineMarch 31, 2008

I've been reading all the old threads trying to learn what I can about these lovely flowers. If something doesn't make since or I want more info I just google it. On page two there's a tread titled "Advice for Southern California,hot inland valley violet lover" as I was reading I came across a violet I hadn't heard about called a "Murcan" (Thierry please sit down, this gets GOOD!!) Sooo I googled it-and couldn't find it! Now mind you I haven't read the whole thread, I stopped at the new violet and started my search. I looked every where-I checked out online catalogs here(States), in the UK,a pretty French site, and maybe Mars! No "murcan" violet to be found:-(

I tried a diffrent spelling or two-tried "viola","violet","violeta"


So in frustration I reread the thread to the end this time and caught on to what Tom(memberton) was chanting!!

Just felt so silly had to let y'all know!!! -B

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