forestelvesDecember 18, 2009

Does anyone eat their worms they raise?

I have been watching Bizarre Foods/World (Travel Channel) and it got me thinking. I've been thinking of raising mealworms and crickets to eat.

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Nope. I don't even touch the worms and try to not even look at them. Although I love the ecosystem, the worms pretty much gross me out. But feel free with the meal worms and cooked crickets with legs removed. Although I have heard of joke recepies with worms I do not know of anybody anywhere that actually eats them. But, hey, I don't know everything and could be wrong. They are way to expensive to use in place of hamburger.

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i've heard of worms being used as animal feed but not sure as to human consumption. not that you couldn't eat them ... just not something i plan on adding to my list of things to try. if you do eat them, please let us know about the experience.

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I've read they are nutritious. High in protein. I'd have to be starving to eat them, though. I simply can't get past the yuck factor even if it does defy logic.

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plumiebear(z9? CA)

Would they be considered red or white meat? Pretty steep at $15-25/lb.

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Witch wine? Roseay (sp). forestelves Whats up with refreshing all the old post. All these old 05 post are from you????

Curt :-0

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that's premium human feed. what wine would be best accompany that meal?

i'd agree with you joe about having to be starving to eat them, even if they are nutritious, but so are a lot of other things that i have no intention on trying.

so forestelves, is this a part of a personal "fear factor" program you are trying out? aside from the fact they are a good protein source, they also are not a vector for human dissease, as far as i'm aware. you'd probably want to give them a good rinse off and cook them thoroughly just to be sure.

if this is about growing your own food about some kind of bird, rabbit, fish? you can grow these in tanks or cages and grow their feed be it plant or bug. ie grow worms to feed tilapia in a tank.

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plumiebear(z9? CA)

Lots of these commercially grown worms are raised on manure. Personally I'd make sure they were raised on a vegan diet. Must be a PIA to "de-vein" or maybe it's more accurate to call it gutting.

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What the heck? Didn't anyone in 1995 ask about eating worms? Give us a break. No one here is that stupid.
Anyone who has raised worms for any length of time (I'm talking minutes here!), knows not to put a worm in their mouth. Common sense apparently is not so common.

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this one hit a nerve there steamy?

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I'm just tired of ancient blogs and stupid questions.
My bad!
I think I will take a break 'till after the holidays.
Everybody have a good one!
Now, ...what should I get for about 45,000 worms?
Ties?...or socks?

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socks are more practical ... keeps em warm. i keep my bins pretty informal so we'd have little use for ties.

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But Steamy,

You are going to miss his next question which is sure to be about what size socks or aprons worms wear? Or on New Years, do they drink champagne? Should he start a bank account for them for income he receives from selling their castings? Or how to measure them for wedding rings.

I'll be over here fitting false fangs into my worms.

Don't cha just hate it when middle school teachers give homework of "take over a board" and see how long you can do it for?

One post from 2005 ok. Two posts from 2005... 15 posts from 2005 followed by do you eat worms...

I read the whole board before I made my first post. I certainly do not need to reread it one post at a time.

Recently we had some good posts by serious posters. They are now pushed off of the board.

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I know rom.calgary.ab I think steamyb canÂt think of worms as human food and this post hit a nerve for steamy. Plus all the old posts I revived from the dead hit another nerve for steamy. Plus, watching Bizarre Foods/World (Travel Channel) I would eat everything Andrew ate expect raw balls of an animal as Sashimi. I see that steamyb doesn't like reviving old post to talk about. This is very sad that some people donÂt think old post should be revived. It is good news that equinoxequinox supports the idea for reviving of old posts.

"Sushi" to refer to all the delicious stuff that is delivered to our wooden board at the sushi bar, the whole cuisine of fish, rice and otherwise, the word "sushi" actually refers to only the sweet, vinegar rice. If itÂs just fish/meat without the sushi rice, then itÂs "sashimi."

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