i snapped a pic of a worm pooping in my hand!

shesoldier(6)December 8, 2009

hi worm friends!

this picture is so funny to me that i just had to share it with you. i was diggin in the bin this weekend snapping some regular shots where i got one of a wormy doing number two in my palm. hee hee!

check it out:



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I love it!
Plus excellent advice on worming.
Really fun reading!
Keep it up!

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Cool. That image would make a good logo for a vermicomposting club.

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haha thanks for checking it out. the funny thing is, that guy wriggled all over my hand before i snapped that pic. perhaps he was doing pre-pooping calisthenics. ;)

the secret tip to shooting worms: the digital macro setting!

anyway, thanks again for looking. i just started that blog, but plan to update on various vermi thing every couple of weeks in the Dirty Girl Column. :)

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