Eventual container plants - pot up gradually?

2ajsmamaJune 12, 2014

I know there's been a lot of discussion here about the need (or lack thereof) to pot up tomatoes before transplanting into the ground. But I'm wondering about determinate plants that are going to be grown in smallish (1-5 gal) containers. Do you pot up from the cell pack directly into the 1 gal pot, or go to an intermediate size? And for those plants that need a larger (3-5 gal) container, I really can't see going from a cell to a 5 gal bucket, but how many times/what size containers do you use in between?

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

Freda grows the few tomatoes I now grow here at home and they are grown in 12 gal gro bags and some in still larger containers, and two very large containers where two can be grown, usually determinates.

Until recently my plants were grown and sent to me by nctomatoman in NC and were just several inches high with a small root ball. They were put in cells and grown to maybe 4-6 inches and then planted in the containers.

More recently a local person raised my plants for me and Rob will be delivering them in 4 inch pots this weekend, and out they go to the containers.

Personally I see no need at all to pot up from seedlings that have been transferred from the seedling tray to the cells, So in the way past I never potted up and if I were still growing my own plants, indet or det, would still not pot up.

I just do not see the necessity to do so and have posted here before that i'd rather see plants rootbound a bit than potted up, and explained the reason why,


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Thanks Carolyn, I did read your comments on that subject but also there have been many times that Dave has commented on someone having too small a transplant (maybe they were more like seedlings, just 1 pair of leaves) in too large a container so I thought I'd ask.

Planting in containers is just so much different than growing in ground that I thought I'd ask. But these are a size that I would put directly in the ground right now. Haven't checked if Sophie's Choice was rootbound, but Gem State had a pretty solid mass of fibrous roots ;-)

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Just wondering - I know bigger is better, but Sand Hill says Kootenai can do well in 1-3 gal pot. What about Sophie's Choice? I don't think I'd go smaller than 2 gal, I have a lot of that size, I also have 2 "12 inch patio planters" that look to be about 3 gal, some large diameter but shallow tree pots, and a few 5 gal buckets with cracks that I was going to drill out. Bu I also have Sandpoint and Gem State I wanted to try, so wondering which plants to put in which containers.

I'm tempted to try Sophie in ground but read she doesn't like heat so maybe all 4 have to go in pots - I have plenty of the Dr. Boe tomatoes to experiment with so some of those will likely go in south end of center row in high tunnel, or even in the side beds - Sophie would be perfect there since she doesn't get too tall, maybe Kootenai is the same. Gem State seems taller, Sandpoint not quite as tall but taller than K and SC.

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